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eNom WSB (5)
eNom Website Builder for WHMCS provisioning module.
PayPlug (14)
PayPlug payment gateway module for WHMCS.

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Knowledgebase SEO Friendly URLs With Non-Latin Support
This script will add support for Non-Latin characters in WHMCS Knowledge Base URLs. by default WHMCS allow only Latin (a-z) characters in SEO URLs, after installing this action hook all Knowledge Base URLs will be re-generated and all Non-Latin characters will be translated to Latin characters and give you valid and search engine friendly URLs. Mod Type: Action Hook This Mod features: 1) Re-Generate URLs for articles and categories inside WHMCS knowledge base. 2) Re-Generate URLs for bread crumbs in the same section to. 3) No template modification required. How to Install: 1) Download the ZIP from: 2) Upload the contents from #1 to " /includes/hooks/ " directory 3) Activate "KB SEO Friendly URLs" feature from Admin area > Setup > General Settings > Support tab. ChangeLog v1.1 (04/07/2014): + Added compatibility for WHMCS v7.2.2
Filesize: 2.54 kB
Limit Access For Unverified Accounts
These ActionHook functions will add some restrictions to unverified accounts. Mod Type: Action Hook This Mod features: 1) Prevent account from placing orders in WHMCS, and display error message guide them to activate first. 2) Change account status to Inactive after x days. 3) Change account status to Closed after x days. How to Install: 1) Download it from: 2) Open it for editing using, add your configuration between lines #19 and #25 3) Then upload it inside " /includes/hooks/ " directory
Filesize: 2.44 kB
Module - Multi-Language Security Questions
This module help on translating security questions easily through WHMCS Control Panel, without the need to make any adjustments to the template files, just upload it to addon modules directory, activate it, and add translations to your security questions. This module will present security questions in which language your client is browsing your website with. Mod Type: Addon Module Module Features: - Add translations for all languages ‚Äč‚Äčavailable to your WHMCS installation - Add/Update/Delete translations easily - Display default question text if no translation is available for selected language - No template modification needed Installation: 1) Download the ZIP by clicking on the title above 2) Upload the contents of to " /modules/addons/ " directory 3) Login to WHMCS -> Setup -> Addon Modules -> Security Questions Translator -> Activate 4) Manage your translations from WHMCS -> Addons -> Security Questions Translator
Filesize: 3.76 kB
Restrict client access to client area if invoices are overdue
This Action Hook function will restrict logged-in clients access to your client area if they have one or more overdue invoices, only the following pages is accessible: + My Invoices + View Invoice + Manage Credit Card + Add Funds + Mass Pay + Client Area Homepage (Optional) Installation: Upload this file inside /includes/hooks/ directory. Customization: + You can specify how many overdue invoices client can have before a restriction taking place (line #25). + Add/Remove client area homepage from the restricted URLs
Filesize: 2.27 kB
WHMCS v7.1+ My Notes Admin Widget
Installation: Upload inside /modules/widgets/ directory Required Permission: My Account
Filesize: 1.44 kB