Menu Integration

Replacing WHMCS built-in navbars is a simple task in WHMCMS, in this tutorial I will show you how to rebuild the Primary navbar links inside WHMCMS and use it instead of the built-in navbar with just few clicks.


  1. Go to Admin Area -> Addons -> WHMCMS -> Menus

  2. Click on "Create New Menu" button.

  3. New screen will popup, in the "Install Default Menu", select "WHMCS Primary Navbar", then click "Create Menu" button.

  4. Now in the same page, locate the newly created menu, and under "Integration" column, select "Primary Navbar" instead of "None".

The previous steps should work out of the box if your template is or based on WHMCS Six template and/or following this documentation when doing any customization.

If the previous steps did not work for you, contact our support and they will help get this sorted in timely manner.

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