SEO Friendly URLs

For WHMCMS Search Engine Friendly URLs to function properly, you need to add few lines of code (rules) inside .htaccess file located in your WHMCS main directory.

In WHMCMS -> Setting -> Friendly URLs tab, you can find all the options available to tell WHMCMS how to handle this feature, if the "Managed Rewrite Rules" set to "Let WHMCMS apply it automatically", each time you change any option in the WHMCMS settings page, the newly compatible rules will be applied to .htaccess file automatically (if the file exists and writable).

If you choose to apply the rules manually, then you will need to navigate to WHMCMS -> Customize -> .htaccess tab, copy all the content from the text box displayed in that page, and place it at the top of the .htaccess

At WHMCMS dashboard, it will notify you if the Friendly URLs rules applied to .htaccess file is outdated, and provide you with a button to apply the updated rules automatically.

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