Extend and Overwrite Client Area Output

Please read this guide first before you start.

WHMCMS handle client area pages separately from WHMCS, in other words the variables passed to WHMCMS template is different (more or less) from variables passed to WHMCS templates, WHMCMS offer two different methods to access and override these variables using WHMCS Action Hooks.

First method is to override and/or extend WHMCMS variables before it get passed to Smarty template and displayed, using Action Hooks Point "WHMCMS_ClientAreaPage", the variables available in this function is different based on what section of WHMCMS you're browsing:

Create new Action Hook file inside /includes/hooks/ directory:


add_hook("WHMCMS_ClientAreaPage", 1, function($vars){

    $pageTitle = $vars["title"] . " Edited By Action Hook Function";

    return array(
        "title" => $pageTitle,
        "extra1" => "Extra Variable 1",
        "extra2" => "Extra Variable 2",
        "extra3" => "Extra Variable 3"



Second Method mainly used to access WHMCMS variables, you may try to overwrite their values but this will not work, if you need to overwrite WHMCMS variables use the first method;

Only the following Action Hook Points work with this method (ClientAreaPage, ClientAreaHeadOutput, ClientAreaHeaderOutput, ClientAreaFooterOutput):


add_hook("ClientAreaHeadOutput", 1, function($vars){

    if ($vars['whmcms']['projectid'] === 1){
        return array('<script>alert("Hello World!");</script>');

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